Friday, October 26, 2012

Our dogs at work

Tango (Brussels Griffon, on the left) and Teddy (French Bulldog, right) struck this pose a couple of days ago here in the shop. I bring Tango to work three days a week and Hope brings Ted one or two days. Distraction? Sure, but the dogs make sure we don't sit for too long, staring at a computer screen. For five or ten minutes an hour we're forced to get up and play with a dog, or practice a tricky maneuver we learned in class the evening before. When Dax (also a French Bulldog) is here, she naps a lot and, like most Frenchies, snores. Many people might find it annoying. Hope and I find Dax snoring soothing. Actually, it makes me want to get on the bench and nap with her! - Fran

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