Friday, September 21, 2012

Politics-free Zone!

Dogs only! I'm tired of people supporting either party ranting against the other on social media. So let's talk dogs! Tango is currently chewing on his hoof, being a very good boy! He had a great night last night at Agility class. I've been working on a couple of tricks with him, and working on him playing with a toy in public. (Not as easy as it sounds!) Tango can roll over - just one way now, but it's a start! Anyway, last night at class he actually played with his toy! He was so revved up he actually blew past me! That's Tango's worm. It's a wriggly, gel-like thing. Don't ask me why he loves this thing, but it's the toy he latched onto. So, until we can transfer the love to something a little more palatable, Tango's blue worm is the toy of choice! - Fran

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