Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's Saturday and feels like Friday because I'm here at the shop. Hope and I traded days off this week because she's at an Agility trial this weekend. Go Teddy! In fact, she just texted me that Teddy earned his OAJ title (Open Agility Jumpers) today! Yeah!! I'm sure Hope will post pictures in a couple of days. We're still waiting to hear how Hope and Teddy did on the Open Standard course. Hopefully we'll hear soon.

We're expecting a sweltering day here in Chicagoland tomorrow - well into the 90s and probably breaking records. So I'm planning to stay in air conditioning! We'll be grilling on Monday. Happy Memorial Day. Thinking about the brave men and women who serve and have served in the Armed Forces.

Tango's tired. I don't know why - we didn't even have class Thursday evening! Perhaps because since it's been so quiet here today we've been working on stuff more than usual? Hmmm. Poor fella. - Fran

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Great stuff --- another good post to read.