Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega fever!

So, what would you do with 640 million dollars? Tonight is the world's biggest lottery drawing. I bought a few - couldn't resist. Let's dream for a little. I'd buy Tango a new collar - he deserves it! I'd buy me some neat stuff. And I'd buy a new RV to live in the Florida Keys. Buy a cool new building for Golly Gear and Dogs in the Ring. One big enough for a couple rings for an AKC Agility Trial. Sounds good to me. Meanwhile, back to reality and cranky customers, twitchy credit card processing... - Fran

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Carlene said...

Sounds perfect! I would pay off my (very minimal) debt, my family's (a little less minimal) and very close friends' debt (maybe a little more), take a trip to Europe for about 5 years, and with the rest I'd buy a really good bottle of wine. Or a vineyard.