Friday, November 18, 2011

Keep practicing everything!

Last night was Agility Class, and our instructor included the broad jump in the courses. The broad jump is not an obstacle that we see on a regular basis, but it is required in Novice Standard, and can be included at any level. We hadn't practiced it in a while, and Tango walked across the boards. Boo. But, he was not alone! He remembered what that obstacle was about the second time, but at an Agility trial, you don't get a second chance at anything except the weave poles! Of course, today when I got to the shop with Tango, the first thing we did was practice the broad jump, the chute, and the low table. For dogs who jump 12 inches, like Tango, at a trial, the pause table is set to 8 inches. But in class, to accomodate the most dogs, the table is always set at 16 inches. Not a problem for Tango, but he has to recognize the 8 inch table as a table! So, keep practicing everything! - Fran

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