Monday, August 22, 2011

Gas Explosion

We live in a quiet neighborhood. Aside from the occasional explosion. Lightning during a storm early Saturday afternoon hit a power line which hit a gas line igniting a fire. Flames shot up 25 - 30 feet in the air. Authorities evacuated those living closest to the fire. Power was shut off for those of us unlucky enough to live in a four-block radius. As dramatic as this appears, fortunately no one was hurt.

Gas company crews beginning to tear up the street after the fire was extinguished to repair the gas leak.

The poor stop sign after the fire was put out. (This is a close-up from the above picture.)

The nice electric company crews working to restore our power. The fire had been burning for four hours. Our power was restored after about five hours. Five gas company, four electric company, numerous police cars and a couple of fire trucks were on the scene all afternoon. -Fran

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Pam and Cabot said...

OMG! You ladies have had quite a year, courtesy of Mother Nature!! I hope things quiet down for you this fall....