Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visit from friends!

Our friend Michelle and her wonderful Frenchies Brutus & Carmen (yes! of Brutus the Frenchie fame) came to visit last week. We all played together at an agility trial and enjoyed a good game of bitey-face when we got home!

Carmen is the gorgeous brindle girl, Ted's the fawn, Brutus is dapper in his Fleur de Lis collar.

Ted & Brutus take a time out.

Carmen found a great toy!
Get in there, Ted! Carmen needs some help with tug-of-war!

Bitey Face Mouth Wars!!!


Carlene said...

They are all gorgeous, but my heart belongs to Ted.


BRUTUS said...

We're missing our buddy Teddy! Can he come over & play sometime? Don't look know, but you are on our blog too (part 1 of 2 posted today!).

Brutus, Carmen & Michelle