Friday, November 12, 2010


Tango got his hair cut today. And Tammy (his groomer) said he was much better! I am so happy! I know that Tango's been better at home (except for a couple of minor skirmishes, particularly on Halloween) and at class, but this this gives me real encouragement. Maybe everything is clicking in his brain? Maybe Tango is realizing that good behavior gets him excellent rewards - praise, yummy cheese, more time to play with Teddy and Dax? Hmmmm.... and Ceilidh is even accepting Tango more these days!

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Pam and Cabot said...

My dogs and I have an agreement. They let me do "horrible, awful" things to them (ear cleaning, nail trims, baths, etc.) and I feed them freeze-dried liver! It's the closest thing I have found to doggie crack, and the only time they get it is in connection with those awful experiences. Makes them all much more willing participants!

Maybe you need to see what special treat Tango will work with you for?