Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The end of an era

I woke up crying this morning. Yesterday we said goodbye to our dear friend Betsy's Border Terrier MacDuff. He was a superstar, Golly's best dog friend, a wonderful companion, an agility champion four times over, sometimes a grump, and we loved him dearly. Life has, once again, changed forever for all of us. Both of these cherished dogs are gone, within two and a half months of each other. They were born the same day and both brought great joy into our lives. We were blessed to have shared our lives with them.
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Fuzzy Logic said...

I'm so sorry .. it was like that for us too.. when Targ passed away last year, all of his "buddies" seemed to go too..

Think of how much fun they are having now, looking down upon us humans.

Michele said...

We send our love, we do understand how hard this is. RIP to your wonderful friend.

Clay Lady said...

I just signed on and am so sorry to hear about your babies. Their passing leaves such a hole. But even our vet says they're happy and running free. Take care.