Friday, November 27, 2009

Small dogs and a bad back don't mix

For the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing something I never had the misfortune to in all my 50+ years - back pain. (I would have been really happy to never feel it, either.) You have to understand that before this back pain started I'd been able to bend at the hips and put my palms on the floor without even thinking about it. Do you know how far down our dogs are? Man, they're really low. Hope's Roc is the teeniest but at least when he wants to come up he stands on his hind legs. Even to give them treats it's really far down! And to give Ceilidh her pill? Interesting...

Thankfully it's getting better now - I can drive myself. (Earlier this week I couldn't lift my right leg more than a couple of inches off the floor.) And I thank my sister and friend Betsy for chauffering me to the doctor, pharmacy and work! But those dogs are still way down there! - Fran
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pet meds said...

oh ! so pity , and hope the good things come soon... !!

Fran said...

Thanks! Much better now!