Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hoping for an upset stomach

Distressing day today - Golly wouldn't eat her dinner last night and was messy from both ends. It's been a running joke in our house forever - if Golly doesn't eat, go directly to the vet. Do not Pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
So Fran took her last night and after injections and medication, she's worse this morning and Fran took her back to the vet. I'm waiting to hear.
We're all very hopeful she just had waaaaaayy too many treats at our dog club picnic on Sunday. Golly, even though she doesn't see too well any more and doesn't hear too well any more, can still unerringly find the soft touch holding the hot dog or hamburger.
The mooching has never bothered her before - she's been doing the same thing at the picnic her entire life. The vet said that perhaps Golly can't do the things at almost-14 that she's done up to now. Keep your fingers crossed it's just a tummy upset.
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Betsy said...

MacDuff sincerely hopes it is just an upset stomach as well.
He wants his birthday mate to keep him company for a LONG time.
He even says that he is willing to share time with Ghilley since Mom doesn't believe in correcting the little terror.

Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

It's not very often one wishes for a upset stomach, but this is certainly one we will be rooting for. Poor Golly. Poor you!

FrogDogz said...

Could it be pancreatitis? It can come on VERY suddenly, and with old age. I hope it all resolves quickly - it's so hard to watch our old ones uncomfortable!